Sunday, 19 January 2014

Count down continues 53 days to go.....

Australia Sydney North Mission
It doesn't seem real that its so close but the rest of the family is counting down the days . I don't want to go along with them but everyone is counting so I count....

Today is Sunday, its 9.00 pm We are relaxing listening to some uplifting, spiritual music, we have a friend over , Shannen and brother J are visiting with him, little brother J. is on the phone with his cousin, Dad is still out on church business and I am writing this blog which for me it count as family history time.

Today Shannen went to say good bye to one of her closest friend that is leaving to serve a mission in Japan,  she also said good bye to another one of her friends close to four weeks ago (she is serving in the Sydney North mission as well) , and two weeks before Shannen leaves another close friend is leaving to Peru , the four of them attended the missionary prep classes and are very happy to be among the first girls that answered to the call of Pres. Monson to go early if they want to serve. Its been a little over  a year since THE announcement of the lowering of the age for girls to serve a mission. It's an exciting time for this girls.

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