Thursday, 13 March 2014


She is gone!, we took sister valdés to the airport this morning , we got there at 4.30 am had a really easy run on the freeway to get there, there was no cars on the road!, after a while I got worried that perhaps the tunnel was closed and everyone else in Melbourne knew about it except us!!. but we made it in 45 minutes easy!!.

The Air New Zealand counter was closed, and we waited a good 45 minutes for them to open and for Sister valdés to check in.

All went smooth, we had our family come to say good bye, abuela , tata, uncle R., Aunty P. and all the cousins available except M. of course because he is on his mission and brother J. wasn't there either because he is on a two transfer mission in the Melb mission. We dropped him off at the mission home yesterday.

its been a a very emotional few weeks leading up to this day and Mum and dad feel at peace and happy.

Here is her first letter from the MTC she wrote it today soon after arriving at the place, you can see is oozing with excitement!!

Hello my beautiful family!
I'm glad to say that I had a safe flight and I have now arrived here at the MTC. The first thing they give you is your missionary tag so I now have one!!! I'm still thrilled whenever I see it on my chest! Sadly though it doesn't have the the accent on the 'é' in Valdés but I'm still so happy to finally have a missionary tag of my own!

And some other exciting news, my mission president here has just called me as a coordinating sister over my district which is named the Jacob district! I was not expecting that! I have met my companion too, she is from the US and her name is sister F. She is serving here in Auckland. I can't wait to get to meet her properly!

Overall, the weather is beautiful here, I think it is around 24 degrees and while i was arriving here on the plane, I could see how beautiful New Zealand is! (You can tell my favorite word at the moment is 'beautiful' haha!). Funny enough the people who were next to me were really nice and let me sit in the window seat for landing so that I could see new Zealand for the first time! The other missionaries who i met at the airport are also so very nice, 3 from Sydney!! And 3 others from Tahiti! We took pictures at the entrance all together with our tags so i hope to send them to you when i get the chance!

So basically what I'm trying to say here is that I'm all safe and well, everything went smooth at the airport, no problems at all! So don't worry about me! I'll write to you soon! I love you!!!
Lots of love,
Sister Valdés xx

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