Sunday, 30 March 2014

Second letter in the post from the MTC

Sunday 23. 03. 2014       

 Hola Querida familia!     

You don't know how much I miss hearing Spanish! the other night as sisters missionaries after we had finished our devotional the we normally have before we go to bed, the mission presidents wife Sister T. asked us to sing " I am a child of God" according to the language we speak. so we had the Samoans sing, the Tahitian , those from Kirabis as well as from Tonga and Hon Kong. Then when she asked me to sing in my language (Spanish) I was really ashamed to say that I only knew how to say the first part by heart " Yo soy un hijo de Dios..." since then on I wish that I thought to bring the children song book and a hymn book! and ever since I find myself translating in my head what anyone has said into Spanish in my head! haha! so now I am actually praying that maybe I will be sent to a Spanish speaking mission once I get to Sydney so that I can improve and not forget my Spanish!

But now for something FUNNY!! so on Friday as we were drawing close to the end of our last class for the day one of the elders from my district who is actually the district leader , suddenly gets up and rushes out of the classroom's door, we then found out from his companion that he had ripped his pants! we all starting laughing hysterically. He mentioned that just all of the sudden when he was going to sit down back in his chair that they just ripped. I guess they were just happening to rip any moment and it had to be while we were still in the class. So wanting to do something to help I offered to sew them up for him which was quite exciting for me because I was eager to open up my sawing kit that M.R. (our family friend) had given me and i now had a reason to do so. The next day the elder then gave me his ripped pants which he washed and as sister F. (her companion) got to our room I opened up the pants to see how big the rip was thinking that maybe it was little.....Absolutely not! , the rip was massive! starting from the top part of the pants seam on the bottom back all the way to the middle of the pants where is split into the two legs I if that makes sense! . I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it and now I am nearly don sawing all together!!

Another experience I want to share before I finish is that last Thursday we got to go to the Temple! ( Auckland, New Zealand Temple) wow the trip to get there was long but so worth it, the scenery is just beautiful, so many trees and valleys and hills all along the way . But the temple itself was AMAZING!! so beautiful and so so BIG!! what made my day even more special is that I was asked to be an escort to Sister M. from Vanuatu! that was such a beautiful experience, words really cant describe how great that was for me to be able to help her around the temple for the first time to receive her endowments. there was some hip cups along the way that I had trouble with but really hope I helped to make her experience good and memorable! on that day we were also allowed to take out our cameras and take pictures so I have loads that I cant wait to send!
Aah my time is up and I wish I had more time to write more!
I love you all very much , each and everyone of you are in my prayers! I miss you! but what makes that worse is that some of the . ( she didn't say what made that worse! :(  but of course she didnt have wipe out and I could see that my baby is missing home of course more than she would express!)

Lots of love

Sister Valdés xx
P.s Please apologise to papi that I didn't have time to read and reply to his email , the same for Sister K. (from our ward)

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