Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sister Valdes FIRST Snail mail!!..From the MTC

I always knew Sister Valdés was an old fashion soul and this reassures what I always knew, so this week we got this letter in the mail...Oh another happy day!, to get to hear from her twice in a week was such a treat!...wait! we actually heard three times this week , since President H. from the area presidency was at the MTC on Tuesday visiting with his wife and saw our daughter, he wrote to us on Friday to let us know he saw her :
 " Sister H. and I were pleased on Tuesday of this week to speak to the missionaries in the New Zealand MTC.  While there, we met you lovely daughter.  She had a wonderful, clean countenance, and a beautiful smile.  She was radiant in every way.  She also has a very good companion from Arizona.  So, we convey greetings to you from her"

...That's three times we hear of her!.. by the way it was So kind of him to take the time and let us know we are so grateful!

So here I leave you with Sister valdés' letter:

To my dearest family!

The first couple of days here at the MTC have been amazing so far! however very full on and tiring! we only really have breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the rest of the day is filled with classes and time to study personally and in our companionship.
I feel that I am getting along really well with sister F.! she is from Arizona and guess what? she sings too! her voice is beautiful, she sounds like a Disney princess! for our fireside tonight they asked her to sing a solo piece in the Hymn " As sisters in zion" in which all of us sisters missionaries will also be singing. I our practice, listening to the lyrics and hearing her voice really brought the Spirit into the room filling my heart with a warmth of love from my Heavenly Father, that I am His daughter.
Well you might also be wondering how it is being a coordinator sister and it's actually a lot of FUN! in the mornings we get to have the responsibility of waking the other sisters up at 6.00am. So each morning we have gotten up that little bit earlier to knock on the doors of our sister along the corridor and we get to see their faces of just been woken up! haha! we get a laugh sometimes out of it as some of them look very startled! 
oh! and what I soon have found out too was really how small this MTC is! this intake of missionaries is number 6 so far this year with a total of 48 missionaries at this moment! a lot of them are from the islands such as Tonga, American Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, Vanuatu and even from Kirabis (I think that's how you spell it) As well as nearly half of this intake are sister missionaries!
I've met one sister who is from Adelaide who will be serving in Auckland and I found out that she knows the L. from our ward specially their daughter A. because she was her TFY leader , she also knows her cousin C.M I thought that was so cool how small this world really is!
I have also met a handful or maybe even more of awesome missionaries who also will be going to the Sydney North Mission! YAY!!! there is Elder H. from Hong kong and Sister T. from Kirabis in my district who will be leaving with me and they both have such humbling spirits about them. Elder H. is also really funny, he reminds me sometimes of a little kid in a grown up persons body because at times he can act very innocent and clueless about things that he does that we think is funny and he too laughs along with us not knowing its because we are laughing at him hahah! but not in a mean way!
What was also funny BUT also very really embarrassing was yesterday when we were playing a "get to know you" game with all the missionaries here!, we got into 2 large circles lined up with elders and sisters, elders and sisters etc...the elders on our left had to ask 2 questions to get to know us then they have to remember the questions then say it out loud in front of our group, this all seems simple and easy enough to do , thinking that no harm could really come from this but then the elder asked me if I had a boyfriend and of course I said no! but then he asked me again to make sure asking " so you didn't leave your boyfriend behind? or you don't have a boyfriend? haha I said no to all of them and he was like ok and asked some other questions which I thought he will share the answers to those questions to the group however when it was his turn to introduce me to the group he stands up and says " this is sister Valdes, she is going to Sydney North and has NO BOYFRIEND! ! hahaha! everyone starting cracking up laughing including me actually the way he said it was embarrassing but also hilarious! 

Another thing is our rooms are not what I expected them to be! I thought that they would be small rooms with communal toilets and showers that we would have to share with all the sisters but our rooms are quite large with bunk beds of course but they also have their own toilets and bathroom! our shower however is not so nice to shower in haha! the drain is clogged up with what I think is hair from other sisters before us (gross!) and so while the water is running the water fills up and to stop the shower form overflowing we have to start and stop the shower to help the drain to clear up!!
I regards to food , it is all very nice! we have had fish and chips, cauliflower cheese , pasta for dinner and they have salad and fruit! they don't have soya milk for breakfast so I have been eating yoghurt these couple of days with fruit and cornflakes.
Sorry my time is up to write but I hope you are all doing well! 
J. keep up your grades and I hope you are helping out with cleaning the house now that J. and I are not home. Oh and how is J.? where is he serving? 
Okay well I love you and write to you again soon! 

Shann Sister valdés 
( I keep on forgetting my name haha!)


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