Tuesday, 18 March 2014

First P'day at the MTC !!!


Hola Familia!
Already it has been nearly a whole week since I've been at the MTC and it really feels like time is flying by so fast! before i know it i will be in Sydney!!
But before i begin, I just want to ask, did you receive my letter that i sent you. ( apparently she wrote through normal mail?? but we haven't receive it yet! :()
Well to answer your questions:
There are 8 missionaries in my district including myself. There are 2 elder companionship and 2 sister companionship. In the whole mission however there is a total of 48 missionaries! Which is amazing! They are all the missionaries that arrived at the same time that I did :) And few others that are doing the ESL ( English as Second language) classes which are the classes that teach them how to speak english.
With the 3rd question I'm pretty sure that I answered it in the letter I sent you.
About my companion she loves eating Italian food and was working at Desert Book Industries before coming to the MTC. She also had been studying at a peforming arts school as well so she is very much into theatre and singing!
Sunday was amazing!! Just like Sister Pearse mentioned, the mission presidency does assign random people to come up to speak at Sacrament and the fireside we had later tonight and just like her I was one of those missionaries!! I spoke at the fireside and the topic given to us was on the Book of Mormon and I specifically talked about how The Book of Mormon can bring us closer to Christ and to our Heavenly Father. Before hand, I found it difficult to find any spare time to prepare properly for my talk as there is always something going on every little minute of the day! So I was quite nervous and for me I didn't really think I did well with speaking! I was really dissappointeted, words were just coming out of my mouth but all in a jumble! But the good thing is that for next Sunday we were told that anybody could speak again for either Sacrament and the Fireside and it will not just be those that didn't speak last Sunday but it could also be those that have already spoken. SO i'm actually hoping that I will get the chance to speak again to improve. This time our topic will be on The Plan of Salvation.
Besides this I have felt that some of my days so far have been really tough emotionally. Yesterday especially because My companion and I were told off by the Presiden'ts wife for a number of things that we had done such as for laughing to loud in the cafeteris haha and also having the messiest room even though our room wasn't even messy only one little thing was out of place! By the end of the day I felt discouraged but now I have the motivation to do better for the rest of my stay here.
However the missionaries here are  awesome and my teachers are amazing, they have taught me so much so far!! I love them!
We have taught 3 people already and the lessons have gone pretty well
Sadly I have no time to continue writing! We just had a fire alarm go off and my time has been cut short!!! Aaaahhh there is so much that i want to say but next time I'll write more!!
Love you all
Sister Valdes! 
No photos!!! :(

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