Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Shannen's last email from the MTC!!

Okay so the reason why i haven't sent you photos is that, here at the MTC we're not allowed to send any! :( I was sad when i read the sign but once i get my first pday on the mission field i will send as many as i can okay?(the photos on this entry have been added after she sent me her SD card from the mission field)
I'm so glad to see that J. is doing well and is having fun! Aaaahhhh i can't believe that he now has his license!!!!! He really had to get them before me hahah! But don't worry i will work hard to get them when i get back home!
Answering your question there are 4 sister missionaries who have come from the US and only them, however i hear there are others who will coming down to serve here in Auckland who went to the Provo MTC.
Well yes, today is my very last last day at the MTC!! I feel like i just arrived a couple of days ago! Tomorrow i have to get up super super early, at 2 o'clock to be precise so that we leave here by 4am to get to the airport! I'm dreading it but they have given us a descent amount of time to get enough sleep which is good. Today however is more of a clean up day where we are cleaning out our rooms and classrooms to leave it spotless for those who will be arriving here tomorrow and Thursday at the MTC.
Oh and some other great news that i haven't told you all, that Elder H. and his wife came to see all of us for a devotional last Tuesday. He says hello and sends his love to you and Papi.
 His talk to us was absolutely amazing and so was his wife's! It was the exact words that i needed to hear! He spoke about the ways we can hear God's words and mentioned that as we have been set apart as a missionary with someone holding the priesthood authority, entitles us to speak the words of God! That may seem common sense to you but to me it just clicked that i am really a mouth piece of the Lord now and the words i will say to others is just as grand as the words the prophet speaks out of his mouth haha maybe not to that extend but i realized how influential i can be when i hearken to the spirit!
My time here at the MTC has been incredible and i have loved every moment. Yes there has been some hard times but the good times absolutely out weighs the bad!
I'm truly grateful to Heavenly father that i have this chance to serve him at this very time and i feel a lot more prepared to go out to the mission field and tell all of the people of Syndey North about this great and marvelous church!
I love you all and i am looking forward to hear from you soon!
Sister Valdes xx
P.S I saw the pictures of K. and she looks so pretty! I'm really so excited for her to go out!
Oh and one of my MTC teachers also sends his love to you all hahaha!! He says hi from all the way here in New Zealand!

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