Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shannen's week # 1 in the Mission field

Finally! Shannen's first email from the field, as you would read I was right at been expecting to hear from her yesterday but I went to bed very disappointed!!
Enjoy the reading!!
love you all

 I am here in Sydney!!!

I am so sorry for having you wait for my first email! Our P-day was today instead of yesterday because it was our day for our zone to go to the temple! Which is a funny story that I have to tell but unfortunately I have already run out of time to write all that I want to say to you all because I spent it all in writing to president! Aaah i'm so annoyed! So next time I have to use my time wisely,because time flew by fast!
But details you want to know are:
My companion is: Sister C. she is from Texas!
My area is: K. 1 and 2 areas in the B. Hills Stake
okay so I have copied and pasted my email to president, which is down below.
Hello President H.,
I am so very happy to now be here in the Australia Sydney North mission! My core experience with God this week would just have to be how much I have felt at peace and ease in settling into missionary life. I have really felt of God's love for me through the area I have been assigned to serve in (being a very beautiful area), the flat that I am living in (also being so nice and comfortable!), my companion of course (Sister C. who is absolutely amazing, I have already learned so much from her!), the elders who we are serving alongside with (they have been extremely amazing in making us feel comfortable in the area and helping us out heaps!) and also how much love I feel from all the members in both K. wards! Because of all this I feel like I have been spoiled so much! And I am wondering why am I receiving all this when I feel I haven't done anything right! However I am truly grateful and I have been thanking heavenly father constantly for all that he has provided me with at the moment. I have so blessed!
In saying this, the last couple of days Sister C. and I have had a couple of miracles which has made my very first week in the mission field even better! One of which occurred yesterday when sister C. and I went to visit an investigator named L. She was a referral to us from the K.1 elders who only met with her I think only once or twice and thought that she would get along well with us sisters. L. is from Ukraine as well so her English is not very good but when we introduced ourselves to her at the door she was so nice and welcoming and was very enthusiastic about what we had to say. We gave her a restoration pamphlet in Russian and taught her a little about it when all of a sudden she asks if she could come to church! Aaah Sister C. and I was shocked for a second or two and said that we would love to have her come! What made my heart swell even more for her was that she was already planning in her head to walk all the way to the chapel from her house which would have taken around her around 1 hour or even more! We didn't let her continue to think about this further and offered to have someone from the ward pick her up! So now I'm so so excited to see her this coming Sunday and I hope that she will feel the spirit when she comes!
My best practice for teaching this week I think was in my role play with Sister C. during our 12 weeks study. I taught her about the restoration and I thought that was the best I had ever taught it! I was really surprised that by the end of teaching, I felt as if the right words had just flowed out of my mouth, making sense and asking what I thought were some really good inspiring questions! I know that this was the spirit teaching through me and I was thrilled that for the first time I was able to bring the spirit into my teaching. I want to be able to do this with all the lesson I teach with Sister C. so I will be working hard to continue to have the Holy Ghost with me always!
What I think caused me the greatest difficulty this week was trying to be a good passenger in the car for Sister C. in directing us where to go for our appointments and visits. As you may know, Sister C. has a fear of driving and can get easily stressed. So we have had some times getting a little stressed because I felt that I hadn't directed her properly which lead us into a few troubles with getting to places late or having to take a lot of turns out of our situation to get back on the right path. I feel that by saying a prayer in my heart so that heavenly father can help us have a safe travel and get to our destination with ease has helped a lot! because by the end of our day I have felt at peace that everything has gone well and that tomorrow will be another day that will too be fine.
I have nothing confidential to share.
That is all for now President.
With love,
Sister Valdes
P.S Mum I will send a letter through the mail describing everything that has happened so far! I'm sorry for making you wait!!! Oh and I will too send my SD card with all my pictures!
Love you heaps!!
Sister Valdes!

Note from me: NO photos again!!!...she is killing me!!( the photos you see now have been added to this entry after she sent her sd card in the mail)

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