Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy belated Easter, week # 4 in the field

Hola Mami y familia!
Yo estoy muy bien! Lo siento for not writing to you earlier! Things over here have been a bit out of order and all over the place but i think now things will start to be going normal. On Monday we had our zone P-day so this didn't allow us to have time to write emails as well as that yesterday we had our zone special training with President and Sister H and the assistants which took all day so we didn't have time to write then either. but now i'm so grateful to have the chance to write now.

This past week has been amazing! So many miracles have happened and I have just had so much fun! 

So last Monday We had a ditrict p-day where we played humn fussball or what I call it life-size taka taka haha! We had this long plastic tubes which two people held on either side and we played soccer as if we were the football players lined up like in the taka taka table! We really had a crack up at that and my team won too yay!!

So you wanted to know the missionaries in my district. 
So first we have the district leader who is from california but has a Korean background and has been called to serve here on a Korean speaking mission. His Companion is from Utah, and he is such a laugh! Sister C and I have the most laughs whenever he is around! They are the elders in K1
Then you have the next elder companionship that live in the same flat as the K1 
Elders and they cover the area of K2. One is from Tahiti and the other is from Arizona. They are funny too!
Then we have a sister companionship in our district and they are the best! They are the travelling sisters for us and we get along with them really well! One is from Utah who also has a brother who is waiting for his mission call! and the other is from tonga! I have learned so much from them and they are hard workers!
Then last but not least we also have the zone leaders in our district. One who is also from tahiti and the other is from American Samoa! They are awesome! they inspire me all the time to do better and they share great trainings and messages with us that i know are inspired from the Lord.
So that it my district! In my zone there are 30 of us so i don't really know all of their names yet haha! And apparently from What Sister C has told me, our zone is bigger than usual!

About singing too, we had a beautiful Stake Easter Fireside the sunday before Easter. We have a lot of talented singers in our wards and one of which personally knows the singer Michael Boyle i think he is called?? I think we have one of his CD's at home. But this member has an amazing voice I will definitely take up the opportunity to sing so don't worry mum. If one arises i will take the opportunity to take it haha! Sister C and I sing all the time though it's so funny! She says she never has had a companion that just sings all the time and we had a great companionship study about this that help us to recognize maybe why we are singing so often!

Anyways My amazing miracle for this week was that Sister C and I found 3 new investigators for K2 ward!! YAY we are so excited to teach them and how we found them was such a blessing and a proven reality that God is out there hearing our prayers! The past weeks we have had some down days we we haven't ben able to find anybody that wanted to her our message but it was just on the Saturday past that we were driving around this member's home that we felt prompted to go door knocking on the street nearby. Now i knew it was the spirit telling us to tract here, because all of a sudden i started to feel nervous and i know that when i start to fell nervous that is the time when i should go up and do something. Just like testimony meetings on Sunday haha! So the very first door we knocked on we received a return appointment to teach the family more about the plan of salvation and then another two investigators were found on that same street!! I am extremely happy and can;'t wait to start teaching them!

Well i hope you all are great! I know that i am so no need to worry about me haha!  I hope you also had a great Easter! And i encourage you to always think about the Saviour everyday because i know for me it definitely makes a difference to how my day turns out!
Te quirero mucho!
Sister Valdes

P.S Thank-you so much Abuela y tata por tu package!!! I will send a letter to you both in the mail soon! Te quiero los dos tanto! xx

Oh and also, Aunty P! I met someone the other day who knew you as a missionary! They looked at my tag and recognised the name! haha They are brother and Sister A, brother A is brother to Elder A who served in our ward! 
 Letter to the president
Hi president H,
My core experience with God this week definitely was during the Easter period. Sister C and I prepared an Easter message to share with all the members that we would visit and in particularly on Good Friday we visited one family where i felt the spirit dwell with us quite strongly testifying to me that my Saviour, Jesus Christ lives! The whole meaning of Easter totally changed for me last weekend and I now have a new and better perspective on the Atonement. As i partake of the sacrament each Sunday I feel as if i now will appreciate more of the sacrifice Jesus Christ has done for me and the promises i have made with my heavenly Father. 
My best practice for teaching as Jesus taught would be that i felt as if this week in particularly, all the lessons i have taught i have done better in teaching with love and according to the needs of the people. Having love is such an important attribute to have and without it, people will not feel the spirit because the love that flows from us is the love that our Heavenly father has for them. I want to strive to continue to feel that love for them so they too can know that there is a Father in heaven who loves them even more!.
What is still motivating me from conference is the talk from Elder Ballard, about consistent, persistent follow up as well as the invitation for each family to have their own copy of preach my gospel. lately we have focused on the later point, in helping families not only have their own copy of preach my gospel but as well as showing them how they can use it and how it can relate to them in their lives right now, especially as member missionaries. I am really motivated in helping the families in our wards have the missionary spirit within them to help hasten the lord's work here upon the Earth.

With love, 

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