Wednesday, 4 June 2014

week # 10 In the field BUT Three MONTHS out!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Well this week has been amazing with so many things happening and so many miracles received every day! And i mean everyday!!! 

So we had a couple of the ysa in both wards come out with us this week which was so much fun!! many of the girls are deciding to go out on missions which makes my heart leap for joy when they tell us and of course i let them know that they won't regret there decision on going because being a missionary is totally awesome haha!! 
Oh and do you remeber me telling you about a man named D? he was the man we found tracting that was reading the BOM and was up to Alma? Well we have been trying to visit him regularly and this week we saw him again! he really is such a nice man and i think he loves having us come over because all he does is stay at home. We had a great chat with him but unfortunately we still haven't been able to see his wife! We will continue to work with him and hopefully one day we'll get to know his wife! 
 But a funny story, so we were tracting with a member named M and we came to a house where I new they spoke spanish, so i was embracing myself to get ready to speak and give away one of the spanish pamphlets that i had stoked in my bag! So at first he seemed so friendly and we we found out that he was from Spain! So i began to tell him that i spoke spanish too and lead the conversation to the gospel! As soon as he realised then that we were there on his doorstep on a religious basis he immediately tried to close the door on us but i kept on shooting him questions so we could speak more but.... he didn't want to listen and he closed the door on us haha!!! Well i was just happy that i tried to speak spanish and at least he now knows the church's name!

But thank you all so much for your emails! papi thank-you for the great talk you gave me! I finally finished reading it and it's so good!! I'm definelty working now towards being the challenging and testifying missionary!! 

Love you all heaps and continue to stay well!!

Sister Valdes!

P.S can you please send me a letter with your emails i haven't had the chance to read them and i don't have time to print them out! Sorry, but thank-you!!

Oh and say thank-you to brother R and P for their emails! Let them know i will be relpying as soon as i get the chance :)

Hi President H!
My core experience with god this week would have to be how a couple of times, both Sister C and I have had the same promptings to go tracting on a particular street! Just having these same strong feelings i thought was pretty cool but what made each experience even more amazing was that every time we had followed these promptings we had found beautiful people who wanted us to come back and teach them more about the gospel!!! It truly has been a great week for finding people and I know that Heavenly father has truly blessed us and sometimes it amazes me that He trusts us this much to find these people and when we do he believes that we can be the help to get them closer to Him and His son! 
My best practice for teaching as Jesus taught i feel has been the times when we have gone tracting. I have been trying to improve my teaching skills in the way I listen to when my companion, the member with us and the people we are talking to are speaking. It is how we are able to have the spirit work in us to know exactly what to say that will touch those people hearts or have them respond to a questions that allows us to teach doctrine to them. So i have felt  that those times when i do listen to those who are talking rather than think of what i am going to say next, has assisted the spirit the be received by those people we had found during tracting and how we were able to receive a return appointment with them because they had felt the spirit! This gets me excited that as i continue to improve this skill i heavenly father with continue to bless us with even more people who are prepared to hear the gospel and want us to come back to teach them and soon after want to be baptised!
Thus my plan to make sure that we have a baptism in the month of June, is to invite/challenge all those new people we have found to be baptised on the very first lesson! This is something that i haven't done as of yet but i know that as i continue to pray for help to have that courage to invite this will help our investigators to know what is expected as they come to know the truth of what we are teaching! As well as having consistent, persistent follow up with them on their commitments as to make sure that they understand that what we are leaving with them to do is what will help them come to know the truth. With that, to also have regular contact with them either by phone or visiting them to check on how they are doing. I feel that by doing this we can assist in someone being baptised this month for sure!!

Nothing confidential to share.

Lots of love, 
Sister Valdes xx

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