Tuesday, 10 June 2014

week # 13

Hellllooooo family!!

It has been One happy week!! 

Sorry for not sending my email to you yesterday!! Today we had temple p-day which means that we then do all of our p-day activities today but also because since yesterday was a public holiday no library was open! And I too apologise for not even having the time to send you a letter! Don't worry though my letter to you all is still in progress so it will arrive to you i hope very shortly!

Well on Sunday i was able to see G, F and S ! They came to our ward sacrament ( they are my Dominican friend and family that live in Sydney) and because they know a family in the ward as well they had gone to their place for dinner and lucky for us we were invited to that dinner too haha!! So It was really good to get to catch up with them!!

Hey but i have an experience to tell you!!! So as k missionaries we have been putting on an English Class at the B H chapel and at first there was a couple of people who came but lately no one has come which had been disappointing. because of that we said that if no one showed up again for last saturday we would have to cancel english classes al together until we knew there would be people coming! But we had a miracle!!! Someone actaully came to English class and guess what!! She is from Argentina!! her name is E and her english is not so good so I was able to practice my own spanish to help her understand english haha!! It was very fun and by the end of the lesson she was very grateful and thought Sister Cluff and I were great teachers haha! So we are hoping this saturday she comes again and we can be there so i can help out!

Love you all so much! I'm so grateful to hear that everyone is safe and well!! 

Sister Valdes!!

P.S i was wondering if you were able to send me your brown boots for me to use? It's been raining a lot lately and my feet have been getting wet haha!! If not no worries! Love you!!

My Awesome District

Hello President H!!

Sister C and I have had an amazing past week! My core experience with God would have to be with the P, a less active family in K 2 ward. They are a couple who haven't come to church for about 20 to 30 years now!! We have had a couple of contact visits with brother P and each time we have come over he didn't seem very happy or polite about our visit and even mentioned that we shouldn't hold our breath to even think that they would come back to church. However, last wednesday, being the persistent missionaries we are, we knocked on their door again to see how they were doing and this time Brother P actually let us inside and we got to meet his wife!! We had a lovely chat with them and we were able to get to know them and warm up to them a bit more. Unfortunately they have left for E for a month so we won't be able to see them for a few weeks but the great miracle is that they are happy for us to come back and visit with them when they get back! So i'm just so glad that heavenly father soften Brother P's heart so that we were able to get into their home and leave the spirit with them!
My best practice for teaching as Jesus taught i felt was yesterday with our potential investigator named J! he is a young man who goes to H and currently studying theology. We left a book of Mormon with him a couple of days earlier and we thought to go by his house to see how his reading was going! He said that he had skimmed through it a bit and to a conclusion mentioned that he wasn't really interested in converting to our beliefs. However I really didn't feel right for us to leave him at that particular moment. I was strongly prompted to bear my testimony and boldly testify how the book of Mormon can bless his life and that the message we share will help him be a lot happier. With that he decided to have us share more of our message to him and so on his doorstep we were able to teach him a lesson that very day! What was even more of a miracle was that he referred all 4 of his H friends who lives with him in the flat to come hear our message too! So it really bore testimony to me how powerful the spirit can be when we are bold!

Sometimes it can be hard to resist the temptation to become discouraged, but what has helped me the most to resist these temptations is by singing a song either in my mind or out loud as well as talking it out with Sister C. Just singing any hymn that comes into my head at the time really does fill me with the spirit to uplift me and remind me that no matter if we aren't having much success at the time heavenly father is still pleased with me for working hard and doing my best and because of that blessings will come around the corner! Talking with sister C

Sisters at the temple 

also helps because it always turns out that she knows exactly what to say to help make me smile and gives me that encouragement to keep on going! And i'm truly grateful to have her as my companion!

Nothing confidential to say.

With lots of love, 
Sister Valdes

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