Wednesday, 4 June 2014

sorry this is week # 7 I missed to post

Hola mami y papi y Familia!

I too was so very glad to have been able to speak to you last night! 40 minutes is definitely not enough to speak because i realised there was so much more that i could have talked to you all about but i guess when you have a time limit your mind starts ticking like crazy wondering what things to mention haha! Well one thing that i regret not remembering to let you know mum was that I sang in Sacrament yesterday in K2 ward!! I sang together with Sister Cluff the children's song "Mother i love you". I thought we sounded good but I was just really happy to know that i took your counsel to take any opportunity possible to sing haha! So i hope this makes you SMILE!!! 

Wow but the DoTerra oils sound amazing! i will gladly be one of your guinness pigs to try them out!

So i do have a lot of things i want to share that happened all this past week and things i can't beleive i actually have done this week because they seem like it was ages ago when i did them. Well last monday for p-day one of the members in k1 ward her name is Sister L, so very kindly made an appointment for me to get my eyebrows threaded haha because they other day i was telling her that i really wanted to get them fixed. So sister L took us to see her friend that lives close by to get them done. This friend of hers has her won business in her own home which was exciting because Sister C and I of course took this as a missionary opportunity to get to know more about her and even teach her something about the gospel. The lady's name is P and she is the most kindest and loving person ever! Sister L has been friends with her for a while so after i got my eyebrows done we had a nice chat with her and her daughter while eating some indian sweets and was able to now have our foot in the door to visit her again to talk to her more about the message we have to share! At the last minute too Sister C then decides she would like to have her eyebrows threaded too and this being her first time she was so nervous! haha it was so funny! Sister C was in a little pain afterwards and her eyebrows went really red and swelled a bit for the rest of the day. What was even worse was that we had a dinner appointment which we got told about last minute to go to so it was a little embarrassing for her to walk into the families home with red eyebrows!

last wednesday Sister C and I had some good fun visiting some of the members in the k2 ward. One of the families were the C, and brother and sister C have some pretty interesting talents! Sister C in particular is an artist when it comes to painting life size baby dolls! She has her own business where she paints them to look life like and then she sells them to major TV series to have them used in the show and at the moment she told us she is actually on her way to finish another couple baby dolls for a movie! How amazing is that! When Sister C and I saw these babies, because they were all spread out in her living room we both wanted to hold one straight away! And let me tell you, they definitely look so real! because as missionaries we are not allowed to hold babies it was our chance to do so haha! Especially when both wards have the cutest babies ever, it's can get quite hard to have to sit on our hands and resist the urge to take them of their mother! This may sound a bit creepy but i guess you just have to be a sister missionary to experience that for yourself hehe!

Overall so many miracles are trully happening everyday and my love for missionary work grows stronger each minute! Life is definelty not easy but by the end of the day I always feel like we have achieved so much even when it doesn't show on paper! 

Love you all so very much and I hope you have a great week!

Con mucho amor,
Sister Valdes xx

P.S picture 1 = me having eyebrows threaded, picture 2 = Us eating some of Sister Cluff mum's famous dirt cake that we made!!! So good!!

Hi President H!

My core experience with God this week was earlier last week during tracting. Sister C and I knocked on this one door where this older lady opened it and at first was a bit hesitant to do the survey. But after some convincing we were able to actually be invited into her home and have a really good conversation with her! We soon found out that she was visiting from South Africa but originally is from Germany. Once i heard she was German i immediately put my German language skills into use and started to talk with her! Which was quite exciting because it had been a while since i had practiced my German and the words and sentences just formed as i spoke. So I thought that was pretty amazing to know that when there is a skill heavenly father knows we have he will put people in our way in order for us to use it and hopefully bless their lives. Unfortunately she was leaving back to South Africa that same week but i have a strong feeling that she will soon encounter more missionaries when she goes back home. 

My best practice for teaching as Jesus taught i think was during the lesson we had with an investigator named R. She has been having trouble committing to say a prayer and i feel that i had done better than i have before in being persistent in having an investigator say yes to commit to something. As with Jesus Christ, throughout the scriptures He emphasised on basic principles a lot to get his point across in order for others to commit themselves to live within that certain principle and thus i feel like having patience but also being persistent and bold is a trait that i am continuing to develop as i teach R and more new investigators. 

A characteristic that i admire in Sister C is her ability to make sense when she talks. She speaks in a very clear and direct way. It may sound a little strange that i have picked this particular strength of hers but i see that she has been able to strengthen it by studying upon her scriptures and gaining more of that knowledge of the gospel so that she will have it at that moment when the spirit leads and directs her. Speaking clearly is not one of my strengths so i know that by effectively using that time to role play in companionship study or in 12 weeks as well as study more upon the material i have such as the scriptures and Preach My gospel i can develop this skill and learn to trust in the spirit to guide me. 

Nothing confidential to say 

Lots of love,
Sister Valdes

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