Sunday, 20 July 2014

Week # 15

Hi family!!!

Well yet again I survived another transfer!! This will now be my 3rd transfer in k with Sister c However  there have been some changes made with the elders in both k1 and k2! From k1 Elder W, our district leader, has left which is sad because he was only here for one transfer and really brought about some great progress in the ward! So now our ditrict leader is elder keefer which is exciting! from k2 elder c, the t , has left and the new missionary is soon to arrive here in Sydney on wednesday to be trained by elder k, so this is also exciting!! and with that i'm no longer a new missionary! my 12 weeks training is all done and i'm now an adult haha!! It really is amazing how now i look back and i can already see how much i have changed! I hope i can continue to improve and be the best missionary i can be! 

Okay well mum i would absolutely love to get the emails of A and R so that i can write to them. 
It is sad to hear that A has now moved out of home so i hope that maybe i can be of an influence to help her start questioning this decision....

I wish i had time to write more but unfortunately like always time slips by!!! However a scripture that i'm really loving at the moment is Alma 30:44! It describes how we can just look at this world and see it as evidence that there is a God. It's funny because I really get goosebumps whenever remember that He really did create this beautiful world just for us and by this I know that heavenly father is mindful of us and wants us to receive the same joy he has! 

Lots of love,
Sister Valdes xx

Hello President H!

My core experience with God this week would definitely have to be an instance where heavenly father truly did answer a prayer for me. It was on the Saturday night where I specifically prayed for the opportunity to sing, as I had the feeling of wanting others to enjoy the singing of missionaries and feel of the spirit. So the next day, being Sunday sister C and I walk into the k 1st ward sacrament meeting and right then on the spot a sister from the ward asked us and the elders if we could sing a musical item! I was taken by surprise and just felt pure joy inside of me that heavenly father really had answered my prayer and so promptly as well!! I guess sometimes for me i forget that heavenly father truly does hear and answer our prayers and it is an added strength to my testimony every time i recognize this. I know that the Lord is there watching down on me and  i am so grateful to feel of his presence and influence in my life.

My best practice for teaching as Jesus taught would have to be through developing the Christlike attribute of hope. Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to do a little training on 'hope' for district meeting and through my preparation and studying of this Christlike  attribute i have really come to understand what this word really means and how much it really ties in with the atonement! How it is only through the Saviour Jesus Christ that we are able to have hope in life and receive the blessings of eternal life. Often this word is commonly used in relation to uncertainty but as we read in the scriptures hope is firm and unwavering and it is through our faith that we can exercise it. So having this in mind everyday since that district meeting i really tried to help others have hope through the atonement, to know that their lives do have greater meaning and that we can live happily and eternally with our families because of Jesus Christ. 

A time that i have felt spiritually fulfilled would be during my last zone training meeting! We had some great missionaries speak on topics that i exactly needed to hear and an amazing training and great words of counsel from the Zone leaders! I feel that it was during this meeting where i really felt the Holy Ghost totally fill inside of me and assure me that i am not alone doing this work and the areas of improvement i can work towards to hasten it. In addition i really felt that this past transfer meeting was amazing where i too felt spiritually fulfilled!

Nothing confidential to share.

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