Sunday, 20 July 2014

week #18

hey hey hey!!!!!!

Wow was it a surprise to hear that you met the L's!!!! It was actually at a dinner appointment that someone told me they saw the pictures you took with them on facebook but unfortunately i haven't seen them! I am so glad that you met them! It was quite funny though because before they left they were actually going to grab your number that they could call you if they had some spare time to meet you all. but that didn't go through and so i was wondering how in the world they were able to meet you without that contact!! But then i was told the whole story on Sunday and how they are related to the T's!! Well they loved meeting you too!!!

Thankyou for sending the package though!! I hope it wasn't expensive!!! But i will let you know when i recieve it!

yes i heard about D's call and that is so exciting!!!! I've been emailing her so it made me so happy when she told me!! And that's exciting to hear about A. call too!!!!! 

You don't know how happy i am to hear that A is taking the missionary lessons!!!!! Aaaaahhhhh that it soooooo amazing!!! How did that all come about??? i want to know the story Jaysen!!! Well i will be praying for him and from what i can feel at the moment i'm pretty sure he will be baptised!!! 

Well more news about O. her baptismal date has now been changed to the 22nd of this month! Due to scheduling issues the 12th was too soon but O still has the excitement spark in her eyes!!! It made me so happy to see her at church yesterday as well!! because she recently turned 12 it was her first time at young women's!! The young women's president, sister k is amazing and she is looking after her well and getting her more comfortable with the other girls too!!! So that makes Sister C and i so full of joy!! We have our next lesson with her tonight and that will be on temples!! So i can't wait til then! Seriously i get so excited going over to teach her because her lessons are just so fun and i love the feeling of the spirit in their home! 

I love you all heaps and heaps!!!! have a great week!!!

Con mucho amor,
Sister Valdes xx

P.S how is the family history going?? :)

Hello President H,

My core experience with God this week would have to be through a miracle we had last Thursday. It was after the zone special conference and we had planned to go see some members hoping they would be home so that we could share a message. However both families we tried weren't home, then interestingly enough sister C and I felt the same prompting to go over and visit a less active women we hadn't been able to see in a while. Even though we knew her house was further away from where we were at that time we had the urged to drive over there anyways. As we arrived at her door and after knocking a couple of times, we had the door opened by her border named A! At first he was a bit reluctant to speak to us but we ended up having a wonderful conversation and taught a little of the restoration and the atonement! he seemed really keen to learn more and was even excited to come to church! My heart wouldn't stop beating and i was so filled with joy that we were able to properly meet him and teach a great lesson there on the doorstep. He later became a new investigator that night! I know that this miracle was a result from following the promptings of the spirit and having that little prayer in my heart to have something great happen after having had a real spiritual boost at the conference! I don't know how many times i have already said this, but I know heavenly father truly answers prayers! 

My best practice for the week in teaching as Jesus taught i think would have to be my improvement on talking to people on the street. I have now come to love going up to people and getting to know them and somehow turning the conversation toward the gospel.  My love for the people in this area has immensely grown and i feel that it is because of this that i growing my eagerness to share the gospel with them. I am wanting to become more like the sons of Mosiah where they were filled with this strong desire to declare salvation unto every creature and couldn't bear that one soul be lost for the thought of it caused them to quake and tremble! As i strive to apply more of the atonement in my life i know i will be able to have this same desire, knowing that it is through the atonement where one can have hope and a greater happiness in life. 

As a result of the last special zone conference, i now am striving to be more driven by my missionary purpose through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I find that as i have been applying the atonement more intently I have felt more positive about the work and I am striving more to recognize what things i can give of myself despite my weaknesses to help others come unto Christ and feel of the spirit. I loved the training on patriarchal blessings and this too has motivated me to read it more often and to continue to work on my vision that will help me to be purpose driven and focused. 

Nothing confidential to share

Lots of Love, 
Sister Valdes

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