Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Week # 19

Tue, 22 Jul 2014 15:17:09 +1000

Hello family!!!

Well first of all, mum i'm sorry if i got you worried when i didn't write yesterday! I should have told you last week that we have our p-day today because of going to the temple! Sister L. called me up this morning to ask if i was okay, and my response is that i am happyfantastic haha!!
just a heads up though, next week i may be writing to you all on tuesday as well because of transfers! Can you believe that time of change is already around the corner? Well i have a feeling that a lot of things will be changing in the k district!

Well a funny story to tell you happened last friday. So with english class we rotate between us and the k1 and k2 elders each week and last week was k1 elders turn. (And by the way the class has been growing we know have 5 people attending yay!!!) Sister C and I had the folder still at our flat and the stitch was figuring out a way to give it to them with no hassel. So because the k2 elders live in the same flat with them we made a solution to try to give it to them that day because we were in the K2 area. As we were driving out of the corner of my eye i see a man in a suit knocking from door to door and of course i thought this was one of the elders, as a matter of fact he looked just like elder K from behind. So i motion to sister C to stop the car and she does with much haste and we quickly grab the folder and start stalking after the supposed elder K! As we were so close to approach him he still had his back turned but once he turned to face our way... it was not elder K hahaha!!! We felt so embarrassed!! We quickly just turned around back towards the car laughing!!! Now you would have thought that i could've looked around if his companion elder K was there too because you would think it was strange that he was going tracting alone! Well i didn't think of that but next time i will be more careful haha!!

Love you all so much!!! I hope everything is going well with Aman!! I'll keep on praying for him! 

Oh and O's baptism is tonight!!!! YAY! All has gone well and she has prepared herself well for this special day!! She is so excited and i think Sister C and I may be even more excited than her haha!! next week i'll send you the pictures of her!!

P.S Mum i know you love me so much! I didn't get sad when i didn't recieve an email from you last week i new that you would have been busy :) But thank-you for the package that's on the way! You didn't have to send me more shoes but i will take them gratefully nonetheless haha! Thank-you R for offereing to drop them off!
Oh and i suggest you check out a blog called "F down under", it's by a couple missionary serving here and she puts pictures of us there so look out for ones of me haha!! But the F. are an awesome couple and they help us as missionaries so much and we just love them to bits!

pictures - me cooking chilli con carne for dinner, yummy!! And the primary class we taught last sunday :) I miss my primary class say hello for them from me and a big hug to each of them!

Hi president H

My core experience with God this week would have to be through a HUGE miracle Sister C and I had last Saturday!!! So we have this church head-quarter referral given to us a while back and it had been really hard to get to set a time to meet with her! Her name is H and just that saturday we felt to go by her house and check if she was home and SHE WAS! Not was she only home but she had time for us to come inside to teach her more about Jesus Christ as she kept on mentioning that she just wants to know more about jesus Christ!! Of course we had no problems with that and off we went from the beginning and taught her an amazing lesson on the restoration! Even though i felt like i didn't quite teach my best i felt the spirit so strongly and there was no backing out on my part to ask her to be baptised! because once we asked her she immediately said yes and we were able to committed her right there and then to be baptised on the 16th of August!!! I was in total happiness overload and what was more is that she didn't want us to stop teaching! her aunty was also sitting in the lesson and she was also captured by the spirit! next Sunday the whole family will be coming to church including H's children, husband, aunty and 2 cousins!! I feel so blessed that Heavenly father placed this who whole family ni our path who have been definetly prepared by him to be taught the gospel at this moment in time! 

My best practice for teaching as Jesus taught i feel has been the times we have been able to visit the members this week in their homes. Teaching them with the gift of discernment has been my main goal and as i have been sincerely praying for this gift from the holy Ghost as i put myself in their shoes and listen to them with understanding i feel that i have been able to share messages that feel the home with the spirit and help them to get motivated to do their missionary work. I'm quite excited to her more of our member's missionary experiences and it really feels me with great joy that we have been an instrument in helping them having more experiences.

My greatest fear as a missionary is time! I'm already shocked at how much time has gone by already since i've been here and i'm scared that time will just continue to fly by so fast that i won't be able to find all the people that i am meant to find! I think what i've done so far to help me overcome this fear is just by taking it one day at a time and working the hardest i can to achieve what i'm meant to achieve on that day. I know i can only do so much but i have just been doing my best and fully dedicating myself to the Lord while time goes by can help me look back on my mission with no major regrets.

Nothing confidential to share

Lots of love,
Sister Valdes x

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