Sunday, 20 July 2014

Week # 17

Hola familia!!!

Wow it seems like so many things are happening for you all lately!!! It's makes me so happy to read that everything is goin well but i hope you get better soon papi! lets see if those oils will help! So far i really like the one you sent me mum! It smells so good and i think the smell is helping me sleep through the night better! You know sleep is truly so precious on the mission and to have every single minute of it is a blessing haha!! 

Well funny moments for this week have been that the whether has been quite windy and poor Sister C has had some Marilyn moments when she realised she picked the wrong skirt to wear on those days haha!! Lucky no one realy has paid attention and of course i've been therre to cover them up haha!!

This past week has also been amazing with all the meetings we have had. We had both zone training meeting with our zone leaders and zone conference with president and sister Howes! WOW have i learned a lot from them!!

The picture i've sent is at zone conference with Sister R in the beaches zone. What's so cool is that i served in the MTC with her sister who is currently serving in new zealand so i was super excited to meet her!

I love you all so much!!! Keep being happy!!!

Lots of love,
Sister Valdes xx

P.S sorry to ask you for another favour and i know you just sent a package but could you please also send my white walking shoes? Turns out that bad luck is on my side and i am getting terrible blisters with my black shoes. The good thing is there going away but i think maybe the white ones could do some help! Thank you!! Also if it's not too much to send the nice blazer jacket and a few skirts too :) Love you!!

Hello president H!!

My core experience with God this week would have to be in the trial of my faith. This week in particularly has been one filled with miracles and a number of disappointments. These disappointments have come from investigators, whom I have grown to love and cherish, deciding not to investigate the church any further. Just all of a sudden when we previously had amazing lessons that were filled with the spirit, something happens that changes their minds. The first few were a bit devastating but as surely as i feel the wind, I felt heavenly father there with me to bear me up and through the atonement i have found comfort and patience with the work. I have come to really understand that these fall throughs aren't failures but they have been success' in that we had invited them to exercise their agency in choosing whether to accept the gospel or not. And those that have decided not to still have that seed planted within them and now know more about the gospel than they would have before. So we never know, that maybe sometime in the future this seed will begin to grow and they'll want to learn more again. 

My best practice for the week in teaching as Jesus taught would have to be in my progression in feeling the spirit more when i teach. I feel as though i am learning more to trust the spirit and be lead by it and through this an amazing miracle happened where Sister C and I finally set a baptismal date with our investigator O!! I am so excited that she has finally come to feel more comfortable in the idea of being baptised and I am going to strive to do the best i can to continue to let the spirit guide me so that this baptism will happen, and i do have faith that it will!

P.S and her date is also for the 12 July like the lady in Sale that you have told me about papi!! AAAhhh that's so cool! I'll pray for her as well that he date won't fall through

How i felt in sacrament meeting yesterday was unusually very happy! It was a morning where i was really filled with excitement  knowing that mark, an investigator, and his family was going to come to church however after waiting outside for ages we received a text from him which basically said he was grateful for having invited him to be part of our church but decided he would stick with going to the one closer to home. I think because there was a number of similar situations like this that happened earlier in the week, discouragement didn't get the best of me and i knew that Heavenly father's love was wrapped around be! I felt peace and the talks which were spoken in both sacraments were amazing that had words that really spoke and comforted me. I know that Heavenly father never asks of anyone to do the impossible, and so because he has personally asked me to assist Him in hastening His work as a missionary, this means that if it is helping someone come to church, it is possible in the K area! So with that i know i need to be patient and strive to trust him more as well as work even harder to find those people who are being prepared by Him.

Nothing confidential to share

Lots of love, 
Sister Valdes

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