Sunday, 20 July 2014

Shannen week # 16

Yay!! still in K!!
Hello everybody!!!

Thankyou for the package i received it yesterday from the zone leaders and I am currently wearing the boots! Much needed as today is pretty wet! Thankyou also abuela and tata for your letters and the gifts!! I love you both heaps!!

Wow it's so exciting to hear that j and j are both going to M wow!!! I need you to to send me lots of pictures, okay! haha!! And J asking g out oooooo... well i hope that all works out j! G is a really nice girl so i can't wait to get to know her better then when i get back home!

This week has been pretty good we found 2 more new investigators which i'm excited about!! One of which we are seeing later today so pray that all goes well, her name is R from I! 

Sorry again this being a short letter but i love you heaps and heaps!!!

Hello President H!

My core experience with God this week is one that relates to the weather! It really has been such nice warm week, so unusual for it being Winter! However on one particular it started to pour down with rain. Sister C and I had planned to visit some potentials which meant getting out of the car and run in the rain towards their front door. Remembering President Uchtdorf's talk last general conference, the thought of being grateful in any circumstance came to mind so before we left the car I prayed in gratitude for the rain no matter if we were going to get wet. In closing the prayer and getting out of the car the rain slowed down to a little drizzle allowing both of us to quickly walk over to M's door without getting too wet. As we reached the covers of her door, the rain rain then started to pour down harder again! at first i thought that was pretty neat that we just missed getting drenched but for a fact i know there is no such thing as coincidences! because again, as we then began to head back to our car the rain turned into a drizzle and as we stepped into the car the rain started to pour down hard again! During this time we tried to visit a couple of potentials and we weren't having too much success in finding them home yet i knew that heavenly father was looking out for us that whole time protecting us from the rain and then lifting up our spirits later with providing us with a beautiful rainbow to admire! 

My best practice for the week in teaching as Jesus taught was through a miracle we had in visiting a lady named J! We first had contact with her a couple of weeks ago during tracting and thought to drop by and see how she was doing. The miracle was that she remembered us and she invited us inside with such joy!! She later told us that, that the first time we met her we caught her on a day that she just had a surgery and she was quite in pain and feeling sad for herself being in her situation. At the moment she is currently fighting breast cancer and the good news is that she is doing well! However by just showing up on her doorstep with smiling faces and giving her the message of the plan of salvation really had made her day! hearing this touched my heart and i knew that she felt the spirit with us! So in teaching as Jesus taught i felt that in our second visit with her i was able to testify and teach certain principles all throughout the conversation we had with her! That no matter what topic we talked about, I knew the spirit directed me to know what little thing i could testify about that related to that topic.  She wants to have us back soon so i'm really praying that she'll continue to progress towards baptism!!

In regards to how i'm feeling about my mission so far,  well I'm really loving it! I get so much joy out of finding people and teaching them the gospel and I have seen that i am changing from once a sister who got nervous thinking about going to our next appointment to now someone who get's excited and can't wait to teach in following appointments! Even though it does get hard sometimes, especially this week where we have had our ups and really hard lows, i always feel heavenly father is near by and encouraging me to keep pressing forward and to not lose hope in what the future can bring if i move forward with faith.

Nothing confidential to share

Lots of love,
Sister Valdes

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